Autonomous underwater robot Unexmin to receive the Technical Creativity Award of the City of Tampere

Published 26.01.2021

The City of Tampere has awarded the mechatronics research team of Tampere University with the Technical Creativity Award (EUR 4,000) of the year 2020. The team developed the mechanical structure parts and mechatronic systems of Unexmin, an entirely new kind of autonomous underwater robot. The members of the research team are Kari T. Koskinen, Jussi Aaltonen, Jouko Laitinen, Arttu Heininen, Jose Villa Escusol and Tuomas Salomaa. Additionally, the award committee gave an honourable mention (an award of EUR 1,000) to the model developed by Janne Ruokonen that enables the utilisation of data provided by forest harvesters in the development of new and efficient learning methods.