Julkaistu 23.05.2018

Tampere Summer Park Concert Series returns

Summer in Tampere is once again full of music and dance - the Park Concerts organised by Cultural Affairs spread around the city. The concerts continue throughout the summer, including nearly 200 free concerts and dance performances around Tampere. The artists of the Park Concerts are all local and,

Julkaistu 18.04.2018

The Culture Carnival will start activities in Laikku and Rulla on 28 April

The renovation of the old library has been completed on schedule. The decoration and moving work have been completed, and the building will reopen as the renewed Culture House Laikku on Saturday, 28 April with a large opening ceremony carnival. In the event, Laikku will demonstrate its versatility a

Julkaistu 17.04.2018

Removal of street grit began in Tampere

The removal of street grit from the main bicycle routes and some main streets has begun in Tampere. The removal has started a couple of weeks behind schedule this spring. Night frost and dry weather continue to slow down the removal. Due to sunny and dry weather, the main streets have been treated w

Julkaistu 27.03.2018

Tesoma Wellbeing Centre to open on 9 April

Tesoma Wellbeing Centre in Tampere will be the new place for encounters for the residents of Tesoma. The centre houses city services from a library to a health centre, all under one roof. The new wellbeing centre and its services will open in connection with the Wester business centre (Tesomankatu 4

Julkaistu 12.03.2018

Cutting-edge school complex opens in Tesoma

The new building for the Tesoma day-care centre and school has been completed. Pupils and staff will relocate to the new school building on the Tesoma school plot in early March.

Julkaistu 06.03.2018

Tampere will continue to be a city of equality

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany is the first-ever recipient of the International Gender Equality Prize introduced by the Finnish Government and will be honoured in an award ceremony in Tampere Hall in Tampere on 6 March 2018. The cause, which was chosen by Federal Chancellor Merkel to re

Julkaistu 26.02.2018

International Gender Equality Prize ceremony in Tampere on 6 March

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, first-ever recipient of the International Gender Equality Prize introduced by the Finnish Government, is to be honoured at an award ceremony on 6 March in Tampere. An international expert panel on violence against women will be held in connection with the

Julkaistu 19.01.2018

Tramway work on Pirkankatu moves to area between Mariankatu and Pyynikintori

The construction of the tramway on Pirkankatu will begin a new phase at the end of week 3. The construction site on the southern side of Pirkankatu will move to the area between Mariankatu and Pyynikintori. The first task is to move and replace the sewer pipes. The foundation of the railway track wi

Julkaistu 12.01.2018

School enrolment in Tampere is renewed

Children included in preschool education organised by the City of Tampere, who begin their school next autumn, are not required to enroll anymore. In future, information about new first-graders is transferred electronically from the municipal preschool system to schools.