Julkaistu 06.08.2018

Tampere to have 2,000 first graders

Tampere welcomes 2,000 first graders this autumn. The school year will begin at Tampere’s comprehensive schools on Thursday, 9 August 2018.

Julkaistu 03.08.2018

Tampere outdoor swimming pool opens on 1 August

The long wait is over and the Tampere outdoor swimming pool was opened on Wednesday, 1 August. On the morning of the opening day, Deputy Mayor Anna-Kaisa Heinämäki cut the ribbon and announced the pool as officially open to the public.

Julkaistu 11.07.2018

Tampere is testing new pedestrian signage

Black signs and information displays guide pedestrians from the Tampere railway station and Central Square to the Ratina Stadium. New signs are part of pedestrian guidance concept created for the Tampere city centre. The aim is to increase walking and biking by developing guidance in different ways.

Julkaistu 09.07.2018

Opening ceremony of the IAAF World U20 Championships Tampere 9 July at 18.30

The official opening ceremony of the IAAF World U20 Championships Tampere 2018 will take place at the Olympic Square in Ratina on Monday, 9 July 2018 at 18.30. The event is free and open to the public. The championships will be opened spectacularly when flag bearers carry 158 flags of the participat

Julkaistu 06.07.2018

The IAAF World U20 Championships will serve local tap water for drinking

The IAAF World U20 Championships, organised in Tampere, Finland in July 2018, will serve local tap water for drinking. Tampere Water turns 120 years old this year and offers each IAAF World U20 participant an empty water bottle that they can fill directly from the tap during the games. To reduce pla

Julkaistu 03.07.2018

Changes in health centre services in Tampere

The health centre service provider for the regions of the city centre and Hervanta of the City of Tampere will change as of 1 August 2018. The new service provider will be Mehiläinen Terveyspalvelut Oy. The change will be visible to customers, for instance, in a change of location: as of August, the

Julkaistu 26.06.2018

Tampere Brings Together the Best Young Athletes from 174 Countries

In July, Tampere becomes the venue of an exceptionally international event when athletes from 174 different countries come together to participate in the IAAF World U20 Championships. When measured by the number of participating countries, the championships in Tampere are even more international tha

Julkaistu 21.06.2018

Tampere applies to become the European Capital of Culture 2026

Tampere and Mänttä Vilppula together apply to become the European Capital of Culture 2026, which is the next time a Finnish city can become a Capital of Culture. With the help of the initiative, the cities want to become even more charismatic cities of experiences. Tampere is the main applicant city

Julkaistu 18.06.2018

Check the Summer Calendar for opening hours and leisure time tips

Even though the summer is quietening down the city streets and changing the opening hours of services, Tampere will provide a multitude of services to its residents in the summer months as well. Using the summer calendar, you can check which social and health services centres will be open and look u

Julkaistu 13.06.2018

IAAF World U20 Championships in Tampere on 10-15 July

Tampere will host the IAAF World U20 Championships on 10-15 July 2018. It will be the first time a Scandinavian city has hosted a global age-group athletics championships and it looks set to be one of the biggest yet. World U20 Championships gathers over 170 nationalities to Tampere Stadium.

Julkaistu 05.06.2018

Robot at work at the Frenckell Service Point

A 120-centimetre humanoid robot called Pepper served customers at the Frenckell Service Point of the City of Tampere on two days. Pepper’s role was to guide customers to the right service point. Frenckell currently houses customer service points for public transportation, urban environment and infra

Julkaistu 28.05.2018

Six health centres in Tampere open throughout the summer

Six city health centres will serve the people of Tampere throughout the summer: Hatanpää, Hervanta, Linnainmaa, Tammelakeskus, Tipotie, and Oma lääkärisi Tesoma. Also the Orivesi health centre will be open all summer.

Julkaistu 23.05.2018

Tampere Summer Park Concert Series returns

Summer in Tampere is once again full of music and dance - the Park Concerts organised by Cultural Affairs spread around the city. The concerts continue throughout the summer, including nearly 200 free concerts and dance performances around Tampere. The artists of the Park Concerts are all local and,

Julkaistu 18.04.2018

The Culture Carnival will start activities in Laikku and Rulla on 28 April

The renovation of the old library has been completed on schedule. The decoration and moving work have been completed, and the building will reopen as the renewed Culture House Laikku on Saturday, 28 April with a large opening ceremony carnival. In the event, Laikku will demonstrate its versatility a

Julkaistu 17.04.2018

Removal of street grit began in Tampere

The removal of street grit from the main bicycle routes and some main streets has begun in Tampere. The removal has started a couple of weeks behind schedule this spring. Night frost and dry weather continue to slow down the removal. Due to sunny and dry weather, the main streets have been treated w