Julkaistu 11.04.2019

There is no need for a guardian to apply for a school transport subsidy

The City of Tampere will test a school transport decision system that makes proposals. There is no need for guardians to apply for the right for a child’s school transport; instead, the city automatically sends the decision on the granting of the subsidy. A software robot will check the right for sc

Julkaistu 05.04.2019

The regional master plan phase of the Tampere tramway to begin

The City of Tampere and the neighbouring municipalities and cities of Pirkkala, Kangasala and Ylöjärvi have launched a call for tenders on 29 March 2019 in order to procure the services of a planning consultant for the regional master plan of the tramway.

Julkaistu 20.03.2019

Screenings for intestinal cancer begin in Tampere and Orivesi in April

Screenings for intestinal cancer will begin in Tampere in April. The screenings are part of a nation-wide trial by the Finnish Cancer Registry. After Tampere, intestinal cancer screening trials will commence in five other municipalities or federations of municipalities.

Julkaistu 13.03.2019

Tampere wants more start-ups

The City of Tampere aims to increase the number of start-ups in the city and promote the growth and internationalisation of local businesses. By supporting start-ups, the city creates an internationally competitive and attractive operating environment for budding businesses.

Julkaistu 11.03.2019

Viinikanlahti 2030 - New Lakeside District in Tampere City Centre

In 2019–2020, Tampere, the most dynamic city in Finland, will provide an attractive competition task for creative urban and landscape planners from all around the world. The lakeside district of Viinikanlahti will extend the city centre towards the south. The location and the scenery are perfect for

Julkaistu 01.02.2019

Tampere 240 – Art along the Tammerkoski Rapids

Tampere celebrates its 240th anniversary on 1 October 2019. The jubilee year will be celebrated for 240 hours through arts and culture in a 10-day event organised by the City of Tampere between 27 September and 6 October 2019. The public art entity that will be constructed around the new Tammerkoski

Julkaistu 30.01.2019

Customer feedback: Social and health services receive a school grade of 8.7

Customers of the City of Tampere’s social and health services (non-institutional and housing services) were very satisfied with the quality of the services. During 2018, 42,000 instances of feedback were collected using customer feedback devices at 37 locations. The overall feedback score received b

Julkaistu 11.01.2019

Preschool education enrolment has begun in Tampere

Enrolment for children starting preschool next autumn has begun in Tampere. The enrolment for preschool and supplementary activities on the City of Tampere website must be completed by 21 January 2019.

Julkaistu 18.12.2018

Changes to library penalty fees in 2019

Fees charged for overdue loans will increase in Tampere at the beginning of next year. In addition, the limit for a loan ban will be lowered in all libraries in the PIKI area.

Julkaistu 17.12.2018

Christmas holidays bring changes to social and health services opening hours

During Christmas and New Year, there will be changes in the opening hours of the City of Tampere’s social and health services. Treatment guidance and information on care are available from the health services information and advice centre by calling 03 10023, every day, even during the holidays, fro

Julkaistu 30.11.2018

Business generated out of paper mill sludge in Hiedanranta

In 2014, the City of Tampere purchased some of the lands and waters previously used by the forest industry in order to build the future city district of Hiedanranta. The purchased cove in Näsijärvi came with an enormous mass of wood-derived waste materials, also known as paper mill sludge or “zero f